50 years music !
A snapshot of musical life 1957-2007
Leslaw Leonard Kanik
      Les Leonard Canick van Bal is a universal musician, multi-playing bass, bass guitar, violin, trumpet, keyboards. He played in the stage of Krakow, Katowice stage, stage of Szczecin and Gdansk "BART" and olsztyńskiej. In Cracow band, inter alia, from "Les Quartet", "Lechici", "Marcus" and "Andrusy" .
       It is impossible to mention all this because the material at random shows the warehouses and musicians, who together with him - and many are well known - they played. His musical traveled for a piece of the world, he played in many countries, and eventually settled in the USA where he still continues the musical path. If you've played with Lesław view photos, may, at any of them see each other ..

      Photo left: Jan Kanty Pawlu¶kiewicz in the "House of Culture" - Nowy Targ-1959. The team: Jan Kanty Pawlu¶kiewicz - piano, trombone - Les Leonard Canick van Bal - bass, trumpet, violin - Janusz Duda - drums - Franciszek Godawski -bass - Paul Topa guitar solo & acc - Joseph Trzcinski - bass, drums, Marek Podkanowicz - violin, guitar acc, banjo, Wojtek Kowalski - accordion, Wiesiek Morawec - vocal, guitar acc, and session musicians: Kazik Kret - guitar acc, vocal, Witek Marszalek - drums

       Les Leonard Canick van Bal -trumpet-piano- Andrzej Piskorski, Poznań - 1962 year, the Secondary School of Music "The Jazz Band from "College of Music and Art" -Poznan-1962, - Tedy Ro¶ciszewski -sax tenotr, clarinet, b.leader; - Hanna Ro¶ciszewska -vocal, - Les Leonard Canick van Bal -trumpet, violin, - Tedy Franke -trombone, Andrzej Piskorski -piano, organ, vocal, - Jerzy Samolyk /from Koszalin/-acc.bass, piano, - Czeslaw Garbarek -drums. We win with this Band ex-aequo 1 place at "Student's Jazz Festival" I performed with the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra as a tenor /in the chorus/, in "King Roger", the Opera by Karol Szymanowski, staged at the Opening of the H. Wieniawski Memorial Competition in 1962!
      1962 in Poznan second team/band/ - Fr.Kosz -clarinet, - Tedy Chwojka -cornet, - Les L.Canick van Bal -trumpet,violin, - Rutkowski -trombone, - Michal Mokrzyc -piano, organ, acc.bass, - Zdz.Brodniewicz -drums

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       Allans Quartet: Allan Bogdan Guziński - band leader-saxophones, clarinet, piano - Andrzej Firek - piano - Les Leonard Canick van Bal - k.bas, git.bas, trumpet, violin - Tadeusz Szmigiero - drums, vocal - Bulgaria-1967 years -Varna, Golden Sands-Druzba.
       Andrzej Ibek - piano, mouth harmonica, vocal - Cracow 1965 , Jazz Club - Marka
     In 1964-66 on a review of student teams, Jazz in Nowa Huta Team Secondary School of Music and from ul.Warszawska with: Leszek Kanik - Trompet, cornet, violin, Igor Potiuch - vocal, Adam Japol - vocal, Staszek Radzik - piano, Gutek Nowotny - sax tenor, fagot, Jan Gonciarczyk - kontrabas, Staszek Wandrzyk - drums, (2 x trombone.... ?) in 1964-66 as a group of students performing at concerts and student events means "Jazz Band Bal 2" with: Andrzej Dutkiewicz - piano - band leader, Leszek Kanik - "King Oliver" - trompet, cornet, Violin, Ryszard Kwa¶niewski - klarinet, A.Chowaniec - trombone, Jan Gonciarczyk - kontrabas, Toni Czernicki - drums. Team leaders on a review of Jazz in N. Huta in 1964-1966 were: Igor Potiuch - bas baryton and Adam Japol /Tenor/ - both excellent singers. Igor Potiuch after graduating from high school he sang in the Music Theatre , and Adam Japol probably went to Lodz, and there he sang in the Opera and Operetta . Student Review Teams, Jazz N. Huta led and organized Andrzej Jaroszewski.
       In 1969 I played in Night Club Hotel Cracovia with Adam Kapera - leader - saxophone, clarinet, flute, Maria Surówka-WoĽniak voc, Marian Gacek - organ, accordion, Les Leonard Canick - bass, bass guitar, Zbigniew Balicki - drums
       "Jędru¶" - Zakopane - 1966 Les Leonard Canick van Bal - k.bas, guit.bas, trumpet, violin, vocal - Mieczysław Kosz - piano, arranger, Andrzej Ibek - piano, mouth harmonica, vocal - Marian Kolasa - drums, vocal - Kazimierz Odrzywolski - saxophone, accordion, Wiesław Trze¶niewski -saxophone, piano.

       From 1968-70, I played the double bass in the accompanist section at the Krakow and Katowice Estrada Entertainment Companies, along with pianist Wiola Kwinta and Marek "Komar" [Mosquito] Soltykowski; with drummers Jacek Brzycki, Janusz Dobosz, and others; accompanying artists such as Barbara Bart-Pataki, Iwona Borowiecka, Alicja Majewska, Wojciech Mlynarski, Teresa Tutinas and others!!!!       Estrada Szczecin - Cracow - "Wesoły Autobusik" (Cheerful Bus) - 1970 Małgorzata Lehnard - vocal, dance - Zbigniew Żmuda - band leader-guit. and accord. - Antoni Kula - piano, keyb - Les Leonard Canick van Bal - guit.bas, trumpet, violin - Nunek Kundrawcew - drums.
      Estrada Szczecin - Cracow - "Wesoły Autobusik" (Cheerful Bus) -1970 - Małgorzata Lehnard - vocal, dance - Zbigniew Żmuda -band leader-guit.solo and accord. - Antoni Kula -piano, keyb,- Les Leonard Canick van Bal -guit.bas, trumpet, violin - Nunek Kundrawcew - drums. Andrzej Tatrzański - actor.
       Music band "Impuls" - "Murowana Piwnica" (Brick Cellar) - "Orbis" - Zakopane 1971 rok;- Olek Łysak band leader: saxophone, klarinet, violin, vocal - Witold Robotycki -piano, trumpet - Les Leonard Canick van Bal - guit.bas, trumpet, vocal, Leszek Mally - drums, vocal
       Music band "Impuls" - "Murowana Piwnica" (Brick Cellar) - "Orbis" - Zakopane 1971 - Olek Łysak band leader: sax, klarinet, violin, vocal - Witold Robotycki -piano, trumpet - Les Leonard Canick van Bal -guit.bas, trumpet, vocal, Leszek Mally - drums, vocal
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       "Spotkania z ballad±" (Meeting with the ballad) - Cracow TV - 1979-1984; The team: Roman Opuszynski- leader-composer, arranger, fortepian, synth. - Les Leonard Canick van Bal g.bas, trumpet, violin - Lesław Lic-arrangement, saxophone, klarinet, fortepian - Joann x - violin - Marek Podkanowicz- violin, guitar, banjo - Adam Pukalak- drums instr. - Zdzisiek ¦wierszczyński-drums instr. - Janusz Pilch-drums instr...
       Band "Kolibri" from Cracow in Dubrownik - "Grand Hotel"-1972 rok-: Stefan Czyż -band leader-sax. klarinet, akccordion, vocal - Stefan Towpasz - piano, organ - Les Leonard Canick van Bal - guit.bas, trumpet, violin, vocal - Józef Czyż - drums, vacal, tuba.
       Music band "PoliTrio" + Dana Adams from Warsaw in Dubrownik, Lopud island -1973 - Dana Adams - leader vocal - Wiesław Kostarski-band leader, piano, organ, vocal - Les Leonard Canick van Bal -guit.bas, trumpet, violin, vocal - Janusz Kostarski- drums, vocal.
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       Music band "Les Quartet" from Cracow - in "Murowana Piwnica" (Brick Cellar) Orbis-Zakopane and Jugoslavia, Switzerland, West Germany and the Canary Islands -1974-75-76-77-78 years Les Leonard Canick van Bal - band leader- guit.bas, trumpet, violin, vocal - Janusz Hubrich -guit.solo, git acc. vocal - Bogu¶ Dijuk - piano, organ, vocal - Marian Kolasa - drums, vocal. The team has changed over time contracts
       Music band "Markus" from Cracow before moving to Yugoslavia, then the Middle East and Norway - leader vocal - Renata Swierszczynska;- Marek Grausberg - guitar, vocal - Roman Opuszyński -piano, synth. org, vocal - Zdzisław Swierszczyński - drums instr.-b.leader, Les Leonard Canick van Bal guit.bas, trumpet, violin, vocal
      From 1978-85, I played the Bass Gitar in the accompanist section at the Krakow , Katowice and Gdansk "BART" Estrada Entertainment Companies, along with pianists: Jerzy Sobenko, Andrzej Bartoszewicz, Janusz Butrym, A. Pawlowski, and others; with drummers A. Radniecki, J. Budziaszek, Jacek Brzycki, Henio Lisowski, Janusz Dobosz, and others! Accompaying the Best Polish Artist-Solist Estrada and Opera Entertainers!
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       Music band "Lechici" - Estrada Cracow - 1979-83 - Adam Zielinski - guitar, guit.bas, vocal - Zbyszek Buczek - guitar, vocal, Janusz ....... drums, Les Leonard Canick van Bal - Keyb, trumpet, violin, vocal-b, band leader
       From 1983-85, I also performed with the SEBASTIAN Musical and Vocal Band (they won 2nd place at the InterVision Festival in Istanbul); under the "BART" Gdansk Estrada and Krakow Estrada Entertainment Companies! The members of SEBASTIAN included Nina Rowinska, Leader, arranger & composer, piano and vocal; Kajka, vocals; "Agrafka" [Safety pin], vocals; "Gypsy Girl" /Brunette/, vocals; Kuba, vocals, and Sebastian, vocals! The accompanying musicians were: Zbyszek Paczkowski, guitar, keyboards, vocals; Les Leonard Bal Kanik, violin, trumpet, vocals; Marek Patrzalek, bass guitar, Krzys Poznanski, vocals, drums!
       Estrada Cracow band "Andrusy" - leader vocal Ewa Kozakowska-Głębocka - Les Leonard Canick van Bal - guit.bas, trumpet, vocal, Zdzisław Ziętara accordion, Janusz Wroński violin, Marek Michalski banjo, Olek "Makino" Kobylinski - solist- bellwether - showman-b. leader - Benek Radecki- drums instr.
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Documentary material with artistic Lesław and other musicians from Cracow the period just before the state of martial law in Poland ..
       Today UNIVERSAL-Band D.J. Lenard, Hungarien and Gipsy Fiddler: Les Leonard Canick van Bal , In the repertoire of Polish folk dances and much, much more ..
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"My memories of The Past
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After 39 years!  In the old music notes Leszek found !
Das Circusorchester von Radio Warschau, under der Leitung von Herrn Kapellmeister
Stanislaw Kapisz: SaxTenor & Bariton & Accordion,

Rythm Section: Leslaw Leonard Kanik: GuitarBass & Contrabass, Pawel Moskwa: Piano & Keyboard; Tedy Orzel & Jerzy Dolecki: Drums, Saxsofon's & Clarinet, ... Niemczyk: AltoSax, Alojz Kuczera: AltoSax, ... Malinowski: Tenor Sax, Maria Kapisz: Tenor Sax, Brass, Marian Buczyllo: Trumpet, Jerzy Kremiec: Trumpet & AltoSax, Achim Twardoch: Trumpet & Violin, Lucjan Gogulski: Trumpet, ... Rutkowski: Trombon, ... Itner: Trombon & Drums
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