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1962 - 1967
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      This website is dedicated to all the fans of my Big Beat and rock and roll band, The Richards, which I started with my friends back in the 1962nd in Kraków, Poland.
     You may ask, why did we name the band The Richards ? As it turned out, purely by coincidence, most of the musicians' first names in the group were Richard (Ryszard), hence the band's name - Ryszardy (The Richards). Of course, we weren't the only band in town. Far from it, there were other great Big Beat bands too, and together we lived through an unforgettable era that still lives on in the photographs shown on this website as well as our collective memories.
    Some of these groups spawned professional musicians who eventually went on to having successful careers doing what they do best - play music. Many others though left the country for lands far away from Kraków, and hopefully this site will make it easier for them to reminisce about The Richards and what it was like to be in Kraków in the 1960s.
     If you enjoyed your stay here please leave a comment and your email address in the guest book (Ksiega Gosci). Who knows, maybe someone from your past is looking for you? If nothing else please visit again to ensure that the years past never fade away..
Special thanks for Richard Wilk from Canada

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